SoftLab Residency Scholarship

The SoftLab Residency Scholarship holders 2016

In 2016 four people received the SoftLabs Residency Scholarship: Minna Palmqvist and Ricardo O'Nascimento in spring, and the artist duo María Castellanos and Alberto Valverde in autumn.

María Castellanos and Alberto Valverde explore relationships and intersections between man machine, often through interactive garments and wearables. The duo worked in Sliperiet's workshop during autumn 2016.The results of their work  the artwork "Symbiotic Interaction", have since then been touring around the world at various exhibitions and events. In autumn 2017, they took part in Nova XX in Brussels. In 2018, they will participate in Eco-Visionaries at the LABoral Art Center in Spanion. More about the duo is to be found at


About SoftLab Residency Scholarship

The scholarship is a collaboration with Hakon Swenson foundation. It is a residency scholarship for creatives, artists and innovators in the textile and fashion related fields, including 120 000 SEK and access to the workshops at Sliperiet for 6 months.

Applicants must have documented experience from design, architecture, art, textile, or fashion production and a history of innovative projects. We also welcome applicants with a background in retail. A sustainability or environmental perspective is a merit. Applications will be judged both on the  on creative potential of the project as well as the suitability of the candidate. Please note that applicants can not be employed at Umeå University at present, or recently have had an employment there. An application may include more than one applicant. The total scholarship amount will however remain the same.