Work at Sliperiet

Sliperiet offers a dynamic work environment for researchers, teachers, entrepreneurs, businesses and creatives for a shorter or longer period of time.

This is more than an office space. In collaboration with researchers, students and tenants we are building an environment characterised by openness, experimentation, diversity and generosity, where we share knowledge and ideas across organisations and disciplines.

Sliperiet brings closeness to research and education at Umeå University, to creative businesses and to research and development projects. Sliperiet holds an advanced infrastructure of digitalized workshops and studios, as well as presentable and flexible spaces for meetings, events and conferences and a café serving lunch and providing catering.

We offer…

  • Access to the building 24/7
  • Introduction to the equipment in 3DLab, SoftLab, Media Studio and Sound Studio, after which you can reserve and use them independently
  • Internal pricing for technology and workshops
  • A share of free time in flexible and well equipped meeting spaces, and internal pricing when it is used up
  • Internet
  • Fully equipped staff kitchen, with projector and screen for presentations
  • Free open spaces for meetings
  • Access to printer
  • Certain janitorial and IT support

For large organisations a share of free time in 3Dlab, SoftLab, Media Studio and/or Sound Studio is included.

We arrange activities together with our tenants regularly to build an environment of sharing and collaboration - for example lectures, presentations and after work functions. As a tenant at Sliperiet you are welcome to both suggest and arrange events.

What can I rent?

A single space or a larger area can be rented from three months up to three years. In finding solutions suiting both our tenants and the visions for Sliperiet, the price may vary depending on the needs. Please contact us for more information.

 We offer temporary project office solutions for organisations interested collaboration with Umeå University, student collaboration or for using the infrastructure at Sliperiet. In such cases, Sliperiet offers contacts and networks to involve researchers and students, and is helpful in setting up dynamic constellations supporting your project.


  • Interested? renting a space at Sliperiet?

    Contact us at

  • Uminova eXpression

    Uminova eXpression is a business incubator located at Sliperiet. It is a test and development platform that supports the development of ideas, innovations, service-based business ideas and knowledge-intensive enterprises in the cultural, artistic and creative industries in the early stages.