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Sliperiet - a house filled with innovations and cooperation under one roof. Take the opportunity to become part of our innovation environment!

Sliperiet as a workplace has a lot to offer. Here you find a mix of competences that enable new and exciting collaborations, as well as an infrastructure that stimulates innovation. As our tenant, you will have our workshops and studios close by, access to our premises 24/7, and the opportunity to participate in events arranged by us.

Our workplaces fits researchers and teachers as well as entrepreneurs and students. By being perceptive to the needs of our users, we can establish a strong meeting place and an environment where we share knowledge and ideas between organizations, industries and disciplines. To give you flexibility as a tenant, and a chance to see what suits you best we offer contracts for everything from three months to three years. In addition, we offer three different concepts. Read more about them and see which option is best for you.

Hot Desk suits you who are looking for an open environment where creativity and connectivity are more important than a permanent workplace. This concept means that you, as a tenant, take the place that suits you for the day. At the hot spot, there is access to desks, desk tables, sofas and drop-in rooms for Skype meetings or customer meetings.

My Desk is available to anyone who needs one to four workplaces and suit you who want the ability to have your own desk in our innovation environment. As a tenant, you are given access to your own desk with the possibility of storage. In addition, 40 hours in conference rooms on third floor are included and free use of the drop-in rooms.

My Office suits larger companies / organizations or those who want more space. This concept means that you rent a specific area that you can furnish according to your own needs. In addition, 40 hours in conference rooms on third floor are included and free use of the drop-in rooms.



Jenny Bucht
Facilities and Bookings Coordinator  | 070 397 87 70


  • Interested? renting a space at Sliperiet?

    Jenny Bucht
    Facilities & Community Manager
    +46 70 397 87 70

    for further information and guided tour of the premises

  • Uminova eXpression

    Uminova eXpression is a business incubator located at Sliperiet. It is a test and development platform that supports the development of ideas, innovations, service-based business ideas and knowledge-intensive enterprises in the cultural, artistic and creative industries in the early stages.