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New phase in the development of Sliperiet

Madelen Bodin, Director of Sliperiet/Umevatoriet, is leading the organisational development

New phase in the development of Sliperiet

From October we will temporarily open in Tullmagasinet, in the center of town

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  • Sliperiet moves to central town and make room for the new…

    2018-08-29 umbraco.MacroEngines.DynamicXml

    Sliperiet's premises on Arts Campus are rebuilt to make way for a new interactive environment when Sliperiet and the Umevatoriet merge and form a new organisation. During the construction period, Sliperiet's office, with the current tenants, will temporarily be relocated to Tullmagasinet's premises in the central city.

    The relocation of the office and workshops begins in the beginning of October. In the end of October, our activities, including the smaller-scale workshops, will be running again in Tullkammaren. During the construction period, which is estimated to last for about a year, the premises at Sliperiet will not be bookable, nor can new tenants be sign up. Umvatoriet will continue to operate as usual at Umestan during the year and will not be affected by the construction.

    - We are now entering an exciting development phase where the first step is the rebuilding. At the turn of the year Sliperiet's innovation center will organisationally be merged with Umevatoriet's pedagogical milieu, and a new organisation will be formed. The goal is to create an environment for learning, exploring and doing science and technology. During the coming year we will develop the new organisation. And when we move back to Sliperiet's premises together with Umevatoriet, the new organisation will be ready to take off, says Madelen Bodin, Director of the Sliperiet/ Umevatoriet.


    Madelen Bodin, Director of Sliperiet/Umevatoriet, Umeå university
    Phone: 090 786 96 18

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  • Sliperiet temporarily at Tullmagasinet in central Umeå

    2018-09-06 umbraco.MacroEngines.DynamicXml

    Sliperiet's offices and workshops at Arts campus at Umeå University temporarily move to Tullmagasinet, in central Umeå in early October. The incubator Expression Umeå, Kulturverket, and the other creative industries with workplaces at Sliperiet will join.

    Look out for Sliperiet's upcoming activities at Tullkammaren




  • Umevatoriet and Sliperiet gets new, joint director

    2018-07-02 umbraco.MacroEngines.DynamicXml Foto: Simon Öhman Jönsson

    Madelen Bodin, senior lecturer and deputy head of the Department of Science and Mathematics Education, becomes the new director of the new Science Centre at Umeå University when Umevatoriet and Sliperiet join forces. The new centre will for instance house a new dome theatre for visualisation, presentation and planetarium.

    What's your spontaneous reaction?
    "It'll be so much fun. I'm excited. I've been acting director at Umevatoriet this spring and have got to know the operations well. It'll now be interesting to get better acquainted with Sliperiet by intertwining the two organisations into one new, exciting environment."

    Why are the two organisation joining forces?
    "We're aiming to create an interactive environment that stimulates interest and curiosity for science and technology for all ages. By tying the educational activities concerning natural sciences and technology at the present Umevatoriet together with the innovation, art and design that is housed in Sliperiet, we wish to find new exciting ways for visitors to learn about and experience science and technology. The new dome theatre will contribute to this by providing new opportunities for visualisation and experiences."

    What will happen to Umevatoriet and Sliperiet?
    "Both organisations will join forces into one new organisation and in future be located in the present Sliperiet premises. We've set up a new steering committee with representatives from the four faculties as well as the Umeå School of Education at the University and also Umeå municipality. The chairperson of the committee is Pro-Vice-Chancellor Katrine Riklund. Tying the University together with the municipality provides a good basis for a learning environment for children and young adults, and an attractive place to visit in the region in the purpose of research, development and innovation." 

    Reconstructions of the premises have been discussed for some time. What's the latest news?
    "So much needs to be worked out, but the building work is projected to start this autumn. The dome theatre will be built adjacent to Sliperiet and the premises will undergo adaptions. During the build, we will be developing the organisation and find content, activities and expressions to make the experience unique. We're hoping everything will be completed by next autumn."

    When do you take office?
    "Formally on 1 July, but I'll be in the office from early August," says Madelen Bodin, new director of Umevatoriet/Sliperiet.

    Reporter: Mattias Grundström Mitz
    Editor: Anna Lawrence


    Madelen Bodin
    Manager Umevatoriet/ Sliperiet


  • Wisdome will make Sliperiet a world-class learning center

    2018-03-05 umbraco.MacroEngines.DynamicXml

    Umevatoriet will be merged with Sliperiet, and a new dome theater will be built at Sliperiet in 2019. The initiative is possible through Umevatoriet's participation in the national Wisdome initiative - a project investing in leading visualisation technology and digital learning.

    In the Wisdome initiative, five leading science centers in Sweden have joined forces to establish advanced visualization dome theatres and connected interactive learning environments. The project is funded through a donation of SEK 150 million from the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation.


    Read more:

    Wisdome's new website:

    Previous article on the new Umevatorium: /en/?id=32104



    Mats Falck, Project coordinator, The External Relations Office at Umeå university | +46 90 7865869

  • A new dome theatre to Sliperiet / Umevatoriet in Umeå

    2018-01-26 umbraco.MacroEngines.DynamicXml Visualiseringscenter X

    Sliperiet, the research and innovation centre at Arts Campus at Umeå university, will be merged with Umevatoriet, an activity center with the primary purpose of increasing children's and youth's interest in technology and natural sciences. The two organisations will become one and Umevatoriet the building at the Arts Campus will be adapted to existing and added functions. This includes building a new dome theater equipped with advanced visualisation technology. The new center Sliperiet/ Umevatoriet is expected to be completed in spring 2019.

    Mats Falck from the External Relations Office at Umeå University, is the project manager for the new Sliperiet/ Umevatoriet. He finds his mission as both exciting and fun:

     - When you merge two activities there are unbelievable opportunities and, of course, many challenges with partially different approaches. The competences of the staff at both Sliperiet and Umevatoriet, as well as the idea development, are vital pre-requisites for the building construction. Even though I will try to coordinate the process, there are important parts for which others are primarily responsible, says Mats.

    Innovation environment marries educational activities

    The reason for the relocation of Umevatoriet is that Umevatoriet's activity needs to expand and that the municipality of Umeå is interested in getting an attractive visitor destination connected to the city between the bridges.

     -  The purpose is to marry the innovation environment at Sliperiet with the educational activities currently run at Umevatoriet. This will for example result in new types of interactive learning sessions. But most noticeable will the dome theater for interactive and encompassing scientific visualizations be, a dome that will be built at Sliperiet.

     Sliperiet is already a meeting place for collaboration and innovation between academia and business and society. As a result of the new building and extended activities, Sliperiet / Umevatoriet will focus on three further main target groups: children and young people, teachers who are able to get supplementary training, and the public who get an even more attractive visitor destination.

    A big donation from Wallenberg foundation behind the investment

    The relocation of Umevatoriet and the development of Sliperiet/ Umevatoriet is funded through a donation of Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation in connection with the foundation's 100th anniversary.

    - Umeå University/ Umevatoriet received the donation in collaboration with Visualization Center C in Norrköping, Universeum in Gothenburg, Stockholm Technical Museum and Malmö museums. The purpose is to produce scientific visualizations and to equip the dome theaters in all these places with the latest visualization technology. The building itself is funded by the property owner, and the premises will be rented by Umeå university and Umeå municipality for Sliperiets'/ Umevatoriets' activities, says Mats Falck.


    For further information

    Read (in Swedish):

    Also se the news story "Besöksmål med världsledande teknik kommer till Umeå" in Västerbottens Kuriren, January 17, 2018.

    Mats Falck, External Relations Office | +46 90 7865869