FabLab Umeå

FabLab Umeå will open again in new facilities at Arts campus in January 2020. The fall of 2019 will be dedicated to moving machines and getting everything set up in our new facilities.


To FabLab anyone is welcome to work on ideas and projects. Coming here is free, and you can bring you own material or buy here.

FabLab is short for Fabrication Laboratory. It is an open workshop with a range of digital manufacturing and prototyping tools, for example 3D printers, digital textile printer, laser cutter and software for drawings and patterns.

FabLab is run by volunteers, who help you to get started and support you along the way.


FabLab Umeå and Fab Foundation

FabLab Umeå is part of an international network of  local Fab labs, or Fabrication Laboratories, which purpose is to enable innovation by providing tools for digital manufacturing. A Fab lab is a technological prototyping platform where anyone can make - almost - anything.

Openness is a fundament of Fab labs. As a member of the international network, we share ideas and knowledge with each other. All Fab labs work with the same tools and processes. Something that is made in one lab can be reproduced in any other lab, given that the documentation is shared.

Lab users learn by designing and building things they are interested in and share their knowledge with each other, thereby growing the knowledge of the machines, materials and design process.

A Fab lab must be open and available for free to the public, although companies and other organisations can use it part of the time. It is a stimuli for local entrepreneurship, and a place for experimenting, collaboration over boundaries, inventing, building, learning and contributing to others' learning.



Eulogo Eng V RGB

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