Tools for visualization, digital manufacturing and development of ideas, prototypes och products


3DLab is a prototyping workshop for idea development and visualization in education, research and collaboration between businesses and Umeå University.

Together with researchers, teachers and creative we develop methods and tools to use 'rapid prototyping' and digital manufacturing in education, research, idea development and strategic work.

A resource for research and education at Umeå University

Sliperiet offers skills development for researchers and teachers at Umeå University, so you can stage your education or research in 3DLab. The research engineers at Sliperiet can provide technical support during your reservation here.

We are continuously developing educational methods, contributing to enrichment of education at Umeå University.

3DLab is a resource for applied research and utilization of research, for example in prototyping and visualisation, or as an arena for collaboration with other research or with organisations and businesses.

Available for businesses

3DLab is available for rent for businesses looking to do prototyping and small scale/test production. Our team can help you develop your competence in the field of digital manufacturing and provide contact with research and student groups and provide a link for collaboration with the university.

3DLab is open for public on Wednesdays 1pm-8 pm as a part of FabLab Umeå.


  • Software for drawing in 3D and 2D
  • Hand held 3D scanner
  • 3D printers
  • Laser cutters
  • CNC machinery (unavailable Oct 2018-Oct 2019)
  • Fume hood for painting (unavailable Oct 2018-Oct 2019)
  • Airbrushes (unavailable Oct 2018-Oct 2019)
  • Drill presses and table (unavailable Oct 2018-Oct 2019)
  • Handheld power tools