Media Studio

Media Studio allows you to work with sound recordings and editing for film, applications and games.



Sliperiet holds a wide set of technology for creating with images and sound from start to finish. In Motion Studio, Media Studio and Sound Studio you will find the technology required for working with still and moving images and sound in a professional environment with powerful equipment. Film, software development, game development and 3D modelling are some of the areas of application.

In Sound Studio you can work with sound recordings and editing at a professional level for e.g. films, applications and games. The studio has a separate recording space and two workstations for editing.

It is available for education and research at Umeå University. Businesses can use the equipment in collaboration with the university, or rent it for productions.

Technology and software

  • Mac computers
  • Raven MTX 5.1 mixer
  • Several microphones of various sorts
  • Pro Tools
  • Logic Pro X