Motion Studio


Motion capture digitalizes movement for media production, measurement and analysis.

Motion capture, or MoCap, is a technology for recording movements. Motion capture is used within the film industry, but also in research and education where human motion is central, virtual reality and robotics.

The motion capture equipment at Sliperiet can record multiple bodies, objects and facial expression. The equipment is rigged in Black Box, a flexible and spacious room that can be used for animation, stop motion or other projects.

Please contact us if you are interested in using the equipment.

A resource for research and education at Umeå University

Motion capture technology can be used to promote problem solving, creativity and entrepreneurship in education and research. It can also apply for document and measure physical movements of various sorts.

Available for businesses

Businesses can use the equipment in collaboration with the university, or rent it for productions.


  1. Optitrack
  2. 12 Prime 13W cameras
  3. 6 Flex 13 cameras
  4. Licences for Full body tracking and Object tracking
  5. High performace laptop including software