Work at Sliperiet

Sliperiet - a house filled with innovations and collaborations under one roof!

Sliperiet as a workplace has a lot to offer. Here you find a mix of competences that enable new and exciting collaborations, as well as an infrastructure that stimulates innovation. Our workplaces fit entrepreneurs, businesses and researchers.

Autumn 2018 a rebuilding of Sliperiet begins, which will last for about a year. During the construction period, Sliperiet's operation is temporarily moved to Tullmagasinet at Thulegatan 1 (the main entrance at the backyard), in central Umeå, together with the companies and organizations that are renting workplaces at Sliperiet. During this time, we have a temporary rental stop. Once the rebuilding is completed, we will be able to offer larger open workshops and a an even more developed environment for curiosity and learning of science and technology for all ages.

The adaptation of the premises is the first step in merging and developing Sliperiet's and Umevatoriet's organisations. Together we will take advantage of the potential of combining Sliperiet's innovation, research and collaboration environment and Umevatoriet's educational environment.

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Jenny Bucht
Facilities and Bookings Coordinator | +46 (0)70 397 87 7