Do you want to drive innovation related to digital fabrication? New cross disciplinary master programme starting autumn 2018

Digitalisation and digital fabrication technology are creating radically new conditions and opportunities within all sectors of society.  Disruptive new solutions replace or dissolve existing practices, and new products and services are created.

Sliperiet has, together with the Department of Informatics and with strong support from the industry, developed an MA program in Digital Fabrication and Innovation, which kicks off autumn 2018. The program is the first of its' kind in Sweden and aimed at those who are interested in digital manufacturing and the potential that technological progress brings. The program can be summarized as follows:

-           The importance of new innovations to meet societal challenges, both for existing organizations and new companies in both the private and public sectors.

-  The need to understand, transform and educate the maker movement's impact in combination with digital technology.

- Students will develop their entrepreneurial skills and methods with a focus on developing the individual and the organisation's creativity, innovation and adaptability

- A focus of the programme is to explore and create syntheses of specific and relevant digital techniques, materials and tools in the field of digital fabrication

- 'Digital fabrication and innovation' as a subject must be understood as a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary field of knowledge

- The program will serve as a catalyst for change in behavior, norms and values ​​of individuals, organizations and society

- The program is to be imbued with self-reflection and critical questioning 


Marlene Johansson
Director, Sliperiet
+46 72 533 99 21

Daniel Nylén
Dpt of Informatics
+ 46 90 7865996