WELCOME TO CURIOSUM (former Sliperiet)

In April 2019, Sliperiet changed it´s name to Curiosum and merged with the science center Umevatoriet. This autumn we will take the next step. and together with our tenants move into the renewed premises of Sliperiet at Arts Campus at Umeå University.

In 2020 Curiosum will open. A new science center, to inspire young and old with science and technology. We believe curiosity can change the world.

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Unique program contributes to innovative business models in smaller companies

umbraco.MacroEngines.DynamicXml VD Sverker Bäckström presenterar företagets affärsplan för VD Ulf Söderlund och VD Fredrik Söderlund. Fotograf: Eva J:son Lönn

Umeå School of Business, Economics and Statistics provides the unique program Innovation Development, within the framework of + Project. The program is aimed at key persons in small and medium-sized companies that want to sharpen their ability to develop innovative and sustainable business models. So far, five companies have participated in two rounds, and all have been very pleased with the program.

- We are in a phase when we need to rethink because of a forthcoming merger. Innovation development has enabled us to acquire the knowledge we need for the merger in a cost-effective way. We have got great advice, says Ulf Söderlund, CEO of Sävar Snickeri and one of the participants in the program.

Northern Sweden is ranked as one of Europe's most innovative regions in the European Innovation Scoreboard 2016. At the same time, small businesses, especially in the wood and construction sector to which the program is addressed, often have their own challenges to keep up with developments. New technology, digitization and sustainability issues challenge and recast traditional business models. The researchers in the program want to help companies create a good ground for innovative development, with the business plan as a starting point, which has also happened:

- We have learned to efficiently create business models that are based on innovation development. Previously, we spent several months setting up business plans, now we have learned new methods to streamline this process, says Tommy Persson, Quality and Product Manager at Masonite Beams and one of the participating companies.

Unique meeting between academia and business

Both the program management and the five participating companies emphasize the link between research and business as unique and particularly rewarding with the program. This in combination with the fact that companies and their issues have been placed in the foreground throughout the program:

- Business and academy have incredible lessons to learn from each other. In the meeting, added value to created. Companies get the latest knowledge in research and technology, and we gain insight into corporate practices, challenges and needs. It gives us ideas for further research that takes the starting point in the business reality, says Maira Baibri, researcher and project manager for Innovation Development.

5 intensive, interactive course half days

The program, provided in the framework of + Projects, has been comprised of five interactive half-days with workshops, seminars and discussions, and between the meetings home assignments and individual coaching. The participating companies, experts in business model innovation, digitization, sustainability and networking, and visiting companies have contributed to knowledge and experience exchanges. It has led to new contacts, collaborations and development of the companies.

- 3D Nord, a company that works with architectural 3D visualization, showed the possibilities of visualization at one of our meetings. I was enthralled! It has led to a project that 3D Nord will do for us, which will completely change our marketing, says Sverker Bäckström, CEO Öhns Snickeri.

+ Project, in which Innovation Development is a part of, is funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

Further information

Information about the programme Innovation development:
Maira Babri, project manager and researcher at Umeå School of Business, Economics and Statistics
maira.babri@umu.se | +46 (0)70-293 22 47

Press contact:
Eva J:son Lönn, Communication Officer, Umeå university
eva.j.lonn@umu.se |+ 46 (0)730-64 77 50