WELCOME TO CURIOSUM (former Sliperiet)

In April 2019, Sliperiet changed it´s name to Curiosum and merged with the science center Umevatoriet. This autumn we will take the next step. and together with our tenants move into the renewed premises of Sliperiet at Arts Campus at Umeå University.

In 2020 Curiosum will open. A new science center, to inspire young and old with science and technology. We believe curiosity can change the world.

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Appreciated visit to Processum by +Project's steering group

umbraco.MacroEngines.DynamicXml Foto: Eva J:son Lönn

On May 26, + Project's new steering group held a meeting in Örnsköldsvik to gain insight into RISE Processum's industrial research in the biorefinery field. Processum is an active partner in + Project, a major collaborative project in digital production at Sliperiet at Umeå University.

Monday, May 26, +Project's steering group gathered in Örnsköldsvik for a meeting, and a guided tour in Processum's research lab. The tour was led by Jonas Joelsson, Research Manager of Processum and an active partner in + Project. Jonas presented Processum's history, development and business in an engaged and initiated way.

Processum's role in + Project is to work with forest-based materials that can be used in digital manufacturing processes, such as 3D printing, and to increase the value of forest raw materials by more efficient utilization of woodbased residues. Processum participates in the development of new materials in several different ways. Among other things, they are involved in building a pilot plant for production of nanocellulose, a new exciting material. For + Project, the company is also developing other wood-based materials and conduct experiments to create new materials.

"In the project, we usually talk about fluff and glue," says Jonas Joelsson. "By binding fibres with a gluing material, you can get composites with interesting properties. It would also be interesting to produce a prototype for a new sandwich material, that is a component that has a light core material and a hard surface with other properties."

After the tour, a steering group meeting was held where, Åke Fransson, project manager and others, told about the +Project's situation and way forward.


In +Project, Sliperiet brings together academic and regional companies to create a strong research and innovation area and a regional network in digital production, sustainable construction, and 3D technology in northern Norrland. +Project is co-financed by Region Västerbotten and European Regional Development Fund.

Processum was established in 2003. Twenty companies in the Processum Association owns 40 percent of the company, and RISE  60 percent.  The company has a turnover of just over SEK 30 million per year and currently employs approximately 24 employees. In addition to +Project, Processum is part of seven different Horizon 2020 projects.

Nanocellulosa is extracted from wood fibers. The nanofibres have exceptional strength properties comparable with Kevlar, but unlike Kevlar, the fibers are completely renewable.

Do you want to know more about Processum's activities? Visit the website

Jonas Joelsson, Research Director of Processum
jonas.joelsson@processum.se | + 46 10-516 67 60