WELCOME TO CURIOSUM (former Sliperiet)

In April 2019, Sliperiet changed it´s name to Curiosum and merged with the science center Umevatoriet. This autumn we will take the next step. and together with our tenants move into the renewed premises of Sliperiet at Arts Campus at Umeå University.

In 2020 Curiosum will open. A new science center, to inspire young and old with science and technology. We believe curiosity can change the world.

Look out for our new website coming soon!

Luminous interactive blanket brings people together


There is a really cool collaboration project going on in Sliperiet. The Venezuelan couple Jaime Reyes and Daniella Ricci, are making luminous and shareable blankets to increase the interaction between people. It all started when Jaime, an interaction designer and volunteer at SoftLab in Sliperiet, and Daniella, a Master Student from Umeå School of Architecture, first arrived in Sweden in 2015. They found it a bit difficult to meet people, and thought about what they could do to inspire people to relate more.

The couple came up with the idea to design and construct luminous, interactive blankets, quilts that could be placed in public places to help initiate interactions between strangers and unexpected meetups.

"The idea behind the project is to bring people together. Each Shareable Quilt have led lights with a subtle animation. When two or more people with Shareable Quilts approach each other and sit together, the animation pattern change to more vivid colours", says Jamie Reyes.

The idea became reality when Emma Ewadotter, process coordinator at SoftLab - an innovation lab for textile experimentation, digital fashion and wearable technology at  Sliperiet - encouraged the students at Umeå School of Architecture to create their own projects outside "school" and let them use SoftLab to explore the new techniques.  Daniella designed the blanket and the couple co-produced it at SoftLab,

"Beeing able to work in the Softlab allowed us to interact with so many amazing people that helped us along the way, with useful advice, sharing techniques or just sharing a laugh", says Jaime.

On future plans Jaime says:

"Currently the project is 90% done, it just needs some final touches. Our idea is to keep exploring the concept of using textile for inclusion, to bring people together and also how to detect emotions and change the colour patterns.

To get in touch with Jaime och Daniella: