WELCOME TO CURIOSUM (former Sliperiet)

In April 2019, Sliperiet changed it´s name to Curiosum and merged with the science center Umevatoriet. This autumn we will take the next step. and together with our tenants move into the renewed premises of Sliperiet at Arts Campus at Umeå University.

In 2020 Curiosum will open. A new science center, to inspire young and old with science and technology. We believe curiosity can change the world.

Look out for our new website coming soon!

Åke Fransson, new project leader for the +Project, with passion for sustainable building and garden work


We welcome Åke Fransson as new project leader for Sliperiets´  Project - a person with technical expertise and long experience as researcher and head of the Department of Applied Physics and Electronics at Umeå University, a man who enjoys garden work at this leisure time. One of Åkes´ first missions as a project manager will be to present the +Project on the 3DP Build, an international lconference in Stockholm on the benefits of 3d printing for architects and construction companies.

As speaker on 3dp Build Åke Fransson will talk about why the +Project was initiated and the purpose and design of the project.

- We want to make use of the raw material from the forests in northern Sweden as well as the know-how from the region's wood and paper industries and develop these resources with the help of large-scale 3D-printing of wood, and the development of new wood-based materials. The goal is a sustainable building of future homes and architectural building in new ways. 3d-printing provides a flexibility which is not available in the traditional materials and construction techniques. The project is also about creating synergy affects between researchers and small and medium-sized enterprises in the region and to develop new business models with the help of digital technologies.

Åke Fransson has been in the project as a researcher since the start in autumn 2015, and has a clear picture of what he now wants to achieve as project manager:

- The project is well on its way and we have developed several interesting partnerships with companies in the region. Now is the time to take the cooperation to the next level, to take advantage of our interesting results, and to lay the foundations for future projects, says Åke.

When Åke wants to unwind he preferably do it with garden work:

- Garden Work is completely different compared to my everyday work and therefore a good way to relax, says Åke.

Åke Fransson